Jewelry Take Care

Keep water at bay

Keep all your fashion jewellery and accessories away from water. Known to affect the appearance of metal, stones, crystals and pearls, water can wear plating and cause discolouration. it is best to remove you jewels while washing hands or when going for a shower or swim.

Even your jewelry needs a beauty nap

Like us, even fashion jewelry need a beauty nap. To ensure that your jewels are bright and happy, it is best to store the item in a jewelry box. This avoids scratching and any possibility of damage. ideally, your jewelry box should have large compartments to keep chains, bracelets, etc to reduce tangling and knotting.

Weather withers

Harsh weather conditions are never friendly. Thus, it is best to keep your jewelry away from direct sunlight. Store items in a plastic jewelry bag to protect it from humidity. Store your precious picks in a cool place.

Sparkle and shine

Cleansing is one ritual that we should never skip for our jewelry as wall. Pat dry jewelry with a towel before storing it. Wipe the jewelry pieces with a jewelry cleaning cloth or a jewelry polishing cream. These cleansing techniques help the jewelry to sparkle and shine. Store your jewelry in butter paper and then plastic poustic,as these are non-abrasive.

Perfumes & sprays a big no-no

Sure, we love Perfumes, but our jewelry doesn’t. Perfumes are harmful for our sacred pieces as a dab can make them lose their shine. Always wear your fashion jewelry after spraying the perfume and avoid contact at all costs.


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