Turn Any Outfit into a Bohemian Look with the Help of these Accessories

Most people describe the bohemian sense of style as ‘unconventional and carefree’. But it doesn’t end there; boho style has a lot more to it. It is a feeling altogether that imbibes in your personality. Earlier, only artists and people from the literary world were known to rock the style. However, it picked on, and people started adding their touch to it. Boho style is easy-going, it’s free-spirited, and it has a devil-may-care attitude, which is what this world needs right now. Millennials especially are embracing this style with much enthusiasm. That is why Bohemian jewelry online in the USA has seen a sudden rise in sales.

Creating a boho-inspired look isn’t as difficult as it seems. Bo’Bell Makes It Easy!

Incorporate the following elements into your look and flaunt your boho outfit. You can quickly turn any outfit into a boho look with the help of the following accessories.

Maang Tikka

Maang tikka is something that can instantly add an oomph factor to your outfit. Bohemian style includes all sorts of experiments that you can do with your outfit and still be able to give out that carefree attitude. With maang tikka, you can turn any outfit into a fusion outfit where east meets west. Reach for that strappy printed top that you hate for no reason at all, wear it with ripped denim and pair it up with flats of your choice. Add the Maang tikka to your look and witness the instant transformation that it gives to your outfit. Not just India but Maang tikka has a major demand in bohemian jewelry online in the USA as well.

Image source: https://bobelljewels.com/product_detail/BJ327/SILVER


Fringe Fever

The bohemian sense of style has endless possibilities to transform your outfits from boring to uber chic. But there are a few staple choices that one can make to give the outfit a makeover effortlessly. One such option would be adding fringe to your outfit. Fringe is that one element that catches attention almost immediately and adds charm. Fringe can be incorporated into your outfit in various ways. You can opt for a fringe bag that has tassels hanging from it, or you can for a fringe top that can steal the show instantly. Tassel earrings can also add volumes to an outfit.

Image source: https://pixabay.com/photos/nakwa-basket-bag-trend-182005/


Charm Of An Anklet

Nothing is more delicate than an intricate anklet adorning a woman’s feet. There’s something about an anklet that whispers elegance with a touch of power. However, there’s always a way to spice things up and give an edge to your outfit. Go for a loose fitted printed dress that ends right below your knees and pairs it up with floral ballerinas. Pick up a dainty anklet from Bo’Bell Jewels collection and let it add magic to your outfit. Complete the look with your tassel shoulder bag. Voila! You boho outfit is ready with absolutely minimal efforts.

Image source: https://bobelljewels.com/product_detail/BJ393/SILVER

Statement Headpieces
You must have seen influencers from all over the world flaunting elaborate headpieces with their casual outfits and rocking the look! That is the power of the right accessories. It can completely change the vibe of your outfit. A headpiece is one such accessory that is doing the rounds these days. You can turn any outfit to boho look if you pair up the right headpiece with your look. Headpieces don’t always have to expensive and huge. You can change your look just by tying your scarf in a different way over your head. Given that you keep your outfit casual and easy going.

Image Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/girl-flower-band-headband-hair-900166/

So go ahead, experiment, add colors and stop restricting yourself to some certain looks!

Fashion Jewellery Trends That You Must Know

Fashion trends keep changing and that’s what we love about them, don’t we? Layering up ourselves with jewellery for a wedding function or throwing in some statement pieces for a day event, we all enjoy putting our creativity into work and creating looks according to the current fashion trends. Buying designer jewellery online in India has also paved our way in restoring our fashion sense. We can now keep up with the trend with just a click. But it’s often difficult to keep up with the ever changing ones. So here’s a list of some of the ongoing fashion trends, that we’ve curated just for you.


Abalone is a kind of shellfish that is known for its colorful inside shell. Let’s admit it, we all at some point, have fallen in love with shell jewellery. It’s quirky, it’s fun, and on the top of it all, it makes a bold statement with its minimal design. Abalone jewellery, in particular, is making the rounds these days. It goes perfectly with western outfits and gives out beachy vibes with a touch of the Caribbean. And if feeling a bit too adventurous, you can also pair it up with a printed saree and a messy bun for a near dreamy look. Easy buying of fashion jewellery online in India has only made Abalone jewellery more accessible.

Bohemian Fever

The bohemian trend is a trend that doesn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon. It’s all about being carefree, free-spirited and hipster in millennial terms. The bohemian trend is an attitude altogether. The flowy dresses, intricate yet elaborate jewellery and hair let loose in beachy waves, Bohemian culture accepts it all. Boho-chic, tribal trends, boho, all these terms fall under the same umbrella. And if you’ve just joined the bohemian bandwagon, don’t worry, it isn’t as complicated. Throw on a maxi dress, a floral headwrap, a pair of gladiator sandals with an uber-chic necklace and you’re ready to rock your boho look. If you’re looking to buy stylish jewellery online in India, you can easily find such bohemian pieces at Bo’Bell Jewels.

Nature-inspired Jewellery

Nature inspired jewellery is the new talk of the town. It makes us feel closer to nature and bring calmness to our ever-running mind. Casting a whimsical spell, nature-inspired jewellery adds a personality to our outfit. It is not only trending but it also has calming effects on our mind and body. Quirky and colourful, nature-inspired jewellery boosts our style sense. Capturing the beauty of the natural world, we at Bo’Bell Jewels have come up with pieces that are woven so intricately that it’ll take you straight into nature’s arms.

Green is the New Black

Rainbow colours can never go out of fashion; it’s all about who gets to be in the spotlight of the season. And green, for sure is the colour of the season. The way in which it casts its luminous hues upon Indian skin tone is mesmerizing. The green colour is flooding spaces in the fashion world. And if you are looking to buy fashion jewellery online in India, we at Bo’Bell Jewels have crafted some of the most exquisite pieces of jewellery in colour green for you.

So go ahead, let your creative juices flow and buy stylish jewellery online in India at Bo’Bell Jewels by picking out some extraordinary pieces for yourself.

When The East Meets West In The Jewel World

Indian craftsmanship has always had a remarkable influence on western jewelry market. Indian jewelry is often termed as exotic in various lands. It is said that the British rulers were in awe of the intricate craftsmanship of Indian artisans. But as India grew in its skills and techniques, Indian artisans also started combining western cuts into their pieces, bringing cultures together. Blended with India’s own craft and taste, Bo’Bell Jewels has curated a range of jewelry pieces that portray east meets west jewelry in India. Let’s go and find out about this dainty yet quirky journey together.

Color Burst

  • Go green! Stone

Green is said to be the most graceful color among the array of jewels. It compliments the attire beautifully and holds a different charm to intermingle with all kinds of contemporary outfits, no matter what color. It is the most trending color of the season, and the way in which it is blended with contemporary jewelry is something that’s truly remarkable. The rich colored jewelry brings an outfit together like magic. Green color has ruled Indian jewelry for as long as we can remember, and now combined with western jewelry is the most excellent example of east meets west jewelry in India.

  • Abalone Shell

The inspiration behind the Abalone jewelry is the Abalone shell that is usually found on the Caribbean islands. And it is one of the most beautiful additions to the jewelry line. The mesmerizing hues that can be stared at for hours not only bring a sense of culture with it but it also whisks together the eastern side of the world with the western side with the help of its natural vibes. Abalone Shell is the latest addition to the east meets west necklace in India.


Yoga inspired

Bo’Bell Jewels contributed its bit in bringing the cultures together by launching the Yoga-inspired collection, which is not only enchanting but also mind and soul strengthening. Its spiritual and nature inspired jewelry helps you in forming a sacred bond with yourself and with nature which can prove to be a tough task in this age and time. Jewelry of such kind is a statement-making fashion piece and holds deeper meanings too, that can be genuinely inspiring. Merging elements of yoga with new-age designs of jewelry is a significant part of east meets west jewelry in India.

Tribal chic collection

Bohemian culture is one such culture that has no origin; it incorporates bits and pieces from different parts of the world. It is unconventional and a perfect amalgamation of different cultures. Indian culture, in particular, is taking up a lot from boho culture. We at Bo’Bell Jewels have combined tribal and funky with ultra classy pieces. What we came up with are some of the ravishing pieces that go well with Indian as well as Western outfits. The tribal chic collection finds the perfect balance between spunk and grace. You can easily find east meets west necklace in India under the ‘Tribal Chic Collection’ section on our site.


What comes to your mind when we say the word “Pearl”?

Grace Kelly?
Princess Diana?

There’s no doubt that pearl is one of the most desired gemstones and its natural off-white sheen is second to none but wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a variety in color?

Love the pearls but want to try something other than the natural color?

Worry not!
Because we at Bo’Bell Jewels have got you covered!

We present to you some of our most beautiful pearls, in various colors which will go with your any and every attire and look perfect for every occasion, be it an Indian wedding, western wedding or a corporate event. Bo’Bell pearl necklaces and earrings are designed so intricately that they will make you stand out of the crowd in every occasion.

  • Bo’Bell Crunchy Precious Fashion Stylish Amethyst Necklace/Purple:

Amethyst Necklace
Unless you are living under the rock, you must have heard of Pantone declaring the color of the year which is Ultra Purple. While the world is wearing it as their attire why not do something different and wear it in a piece of jewelry. Our premium quality crunchy precious fashion stylish necklace in amethyst is sure to make heads turn in every function. Aside from being remarkably appealing, this necklace can be worn for years to come because of its component alloys ability to resist rust.

  • Bo’Bell Black Beauty Crunchy FWP Western Necklace/Black:


Western Necklace

Have you ever given it a thought that if pearl in its natural form is so bewitching, how will it look in the extreme side of the spectrum? Well, look no further than Bo’Bell jewels black beauty crunchy FWP necklace. This neck piece comprising of beads and twisted freshwater pearls make for a must-have in your jewelry storage. Be it a high-end corporate party of a private family function; this jewelry will help you shine. Extraordinarily lightweight, this necklace is highly durable.

  • Bo’Bell Classy Tri Strand Freshwater Pearl Rose Quartz Buckle Neck-piece/Multi:

Buckle Neck-piece

They say the more, the merrier but they also say “don’t overdo with neckpieces” Well, we at Bo’Bell Jewels believe in, “overdoing Pearl only beautifies and adds elegance”. This Bo’Bell jewels classy tri strand freshwater pearl rose quartz buckle necklace is what sets the tone for adequately layering the pieces of jewelry. This colorful necklace comprising of freshwater pearls is not only beautiful but durable as well. With sterling silver rose quartz clasp as it bases metal, this necklace exhibits appeal and quality, making it a perfect addition to your jewelry closet.

Bo’Bell Jewels bring you the full range of magnificent and colorful pearls, which will make you stand out of the crowd.

There’s no doubt that naturally colored pearls are a class of their own, but these judiciously colored and meticulously beaded pearls by Bo’bell Jewels are nothing short of amazing. Not Just pearls, at Bo’Bell Jewels, you can choose mother nature’s Abalone, Jades, CZ’s to Bohemian chic & Dainty style jewelry @ www.bobelljewels.com (we offer FREE Shipping – Globally*).

Bo’Bell jewels assure beauty with supreme quality at an attractive price!



Whether it’s a festival or wedding season, no ethnic dress is complete without the right accessories. From a floral dress to saree to an Anarkali suit, ethnic jewelry is a must to bring the entire look into its true element. All jewelry lovers have one section for ethnic jewelry in their hoard stash. These stashes are getting even bigger since you can shop online for ethnic jewelry at marginal prices. But is your collection really complete? Do you have all the must-haves? 

Here is a list to help you in your next online shopping for ethnic jewelry :

  • Jhumkas

    Jhumkas an integral part of ethnic jewelry. From everyday tiny jhumkis to festive grand diamond studded ones, there is no way your collection is complete without a pair of jhumkas, or maybe 7. The best thing is that there are so many options available in patterns that you can wear a different one for every day of the week.
  • Maang Tika

    Agreed that you can’t wear a maang tika on every kind of attire. But when festive season comes, you’ll want one. From dainty drop tikas to studded centerpieces, your wedding season special collection needs a couple of maang tikas to be complete.
  • Keri

    Keri is a pattern that is quite common in festive ethnic jewelry especially necklaces and earrings. However, you can also find it in armbands or bracelets. There’s a reason why this pattern is so popular in ethnic jewelry. It’s because the pattern is gorgeous and royal. The pattern represents Indian royalty and thus a preferred design in precious and semi-precious metal jewelry.
  • Polki Jewelry

    Polki is a kind of raw diamond that is used in jewelry without processing. It is thus not too shiny and while many confuse it with kundan the two are different. A Mughal gift to Easter Culture, polki jewelry is seen as royal jewelry and usually worn in weddings. Lighter Polki jewelry is also worn in festivities. 
  • Beaded Hoop Earrings

    Another quite popular ethnic jewelry is beaded hoop earrings. Usually featuring tiny junki domes hanging to the hoop, these earrings are perfect for your everyday ethnic dresses. Bo’Bell’s Traditional Bolly Polki Earring is a perfect example of beaded hoop earrings.
  • Bangles

    While bracelets and cuffs are more of western jewelry, ethnic jewelry has the counterpart, bangles. An ethnic attire usually includes glass, metal or “lakh” bangles of multiple colors.
    Bo’bell’s Elegant Attractive Traditional Bangle Set has been designed giving a modern touch to the traditional bangles. Bangles
  • Kundan Set

    Just like Polki, kundan is also a Mughal gift. The difference between the two is that while Polki is a diamond, Kundan is glass placed in the frame of metal. Hence Kundan is comparatively cheaper. But that, in no way means kundan looks any less royal than polki.
  • Meenakari Jewelry

    Meenakari is a kind of art that uses colors over metals to create beautiful pieces of decoration, utensils and jewelry. This Persian art should be a part of every ethnic jewelry collection.

Bo’Bell’s Graceful Meenakari Designer Danglers are a true representation of this art.

ethnic jewelry - Meenakari Jewelry


At Bo’Bell Jewels, we strive to create a one stop shop where you can find every kind of ethnic jewelry to give you a wholesome ethnic jewelry online shopping experience. Above was a list of our must haves for any ethnic jewelry collection. Tell us in the comment section if we’ve missed out on anything.



No brand new information that jewelry has its own place in every attire and the overall look can change dramatically with the right kind of accessory. Whether it’s a date night or a casual day out with your friend or festive season, every occasion demands a different kind of accessory.

But there are a few pieces that you can rock with almost every kind of attire and thus have a place in your collection irrespective of the season.

Here are 5 of such pieces that are a saviour no matter the occasion or the attire :

Dainty Ear-cuff

Ear cuffs have been around for a long time. For centuries, they’ve been a part of the toilet box of women across cultures. Re-emerging as punk accessories in the 80s and 90s, ear-cuffs are now a part of fashion from runways to streets. So get yourself a dainty ear cuff that can be rocked on a formal as well as festive attire.
Bo’Bell’s gold-toned ear cuff is just the right amount of chunk on your ear whether it’s an evening dress or an ethnic kurti or simply office wear.

Dainty Ear-cuff


  • Rock Pendant

    Rock pendants are a perfect way to be minimal in a stunning way. Especially raw gem rocks wired in thin chains. The unshaped rocks make for a beautiful piece of art hanging around your neck and you can rock it on anything from a basic tee to a deep neckline dress.
    Bo’Bell has a range of rock pendants in a variety of colors so that you can get the one you resonate with.


Color Burst

Chunky Ring

Let’s agree on one thing : chunk is in. This is especially true for rings. Chunky rings on otherwise bare hands are a hot trend and it is unbeatable in every occasion. Whether it’s festive season and you’re getting ready with your draped saree or just going to office with a top, chunky rings can fill in some fun in any attire and that’s exactly why you need a few in your collection.
Bo’bell’s Yoga inspired chunky rings are the perfect way to stay in sync with both fashion and nature.

Chunky Ring

A Hamsa

The cultural and symbolic meaning of Hamsa has been known for centuries in various cultures around the world. As a protection shield from the evil eye, hamsa has been used as a jewelry for centuries and it continues to do so even today. The beauty of this spiritual symbol has kept it in trend for decades.
Bo’Bell’s Hamsa pendant is a dainty piece of necklace that is fit for everyday attire. It even makes for a perfect gift to your loved ones as it has been for hundreds of years.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are the new hot trend. Whether it’s a hollow circle, or a triangle or just bars, these shapes are becoming the center of attention and for all the right reasons.  These geometric patterns are becoming more and more prominent in accessories because they make for a perfect statement jewelry.
Bo’Bell’s shell jewelry offers multiple options in geometric shapes to enrich your jewelry box.

Mixing fashion with convenience is what we do. We, at Bo’Bell, strive to bring you unique designs at remarkable prices to increase diversity in your collection.

So browse through our collections and find the one that fits your personality without burning a hole in your pocket.  


Fashion is seasonal. What you like today may not be on your wishlist the next month. As the pages of the calendar change, so does the trend in accessories. 2018 has been a great year especially for accessories fashion what with all the experiments with raw rhinestones, different finishes, the re-entry of quirky brooch pins, midi rings and headscarves.

What’s even more interesting is the fiery trend of fusion jewelry taking on the market with a sweep.

Here are some of the most favored jewelry trends, new and retro, of 2018 :

Layer It On

Layering is the new trend, whether it’s clothes or jewelry. Layered necklaces, making a hot combo of chokers and deep neckline pieces, are becoming the perfect everyday accessory to flaunt with basic Tees or evening gowns or even your sundress. Ethnic layered necklaces on shirts or blouses or even ethnic dresses for that matter are a perfect way to embellish any dull attire. Fusion is the new fashion and layered necklaces are the embodiment of it.


Ethnic layered necklaces

Turquoise Is The New Black

One thing we can all agree on is that turquoise is a cool color. This refreshing color can breathe life into any boring attire. This is exactly the reason why it is the favourite of every boho chic out there.
Bo’Bell’s Beach Ready Flawless Chic Shell pendant Set is designed specifically to quench the turquoise thirst of the boho chic within you.

Womens Jewelry

She Sells Sea Shells

Shells have been welcomed with open arms in the mainstream fashion. While they have always been a part of the beach look and boho fashion, it’s only recent that shell jewelry is being flaunted on every kind of outfit. Whether it’s an entire shell or the shaped colored shell pieces, these gorgeous pieces deserve a place in your collection.
Bo’Bell’s shell collection includes some dainty and yet beautiful jewelry pieces perfect for everyday and every attire.

Bo’Bell’s shell collection


  • For a complete ensemble


From rings to necklaces to earrings and everything in between, we have tried to bring you a complete set that makes it easy to complete a look. Let this complementing pair of necklace, earrings and pendant become a part of every and any ensemble.
Bo’Bell’s Combo offers feature a collective set of complete jewelry ensemble that you can pair with your outfit cordially. We have a big bunch in store, so you get to take your pick. 

Bo’Bell’s Combo offers


  • Add some funk

    In every jewelry hoarder’s collection, you’ll find a special piece of funky jewelry that they adore and keep it for special occasions. This is exactly why Bo’Bell has included some funky pieces like this funky Abalony shell necklace in its new collection to complete your collection.


funky Abalony shell necklace

Bo’Bell uses metal amalgams to make the jewelry rust resistant so that you can get jewelry that stays with you. Our passion for jewelry drives our urge to bring the best of fashion to our customers and that is what our business thrives on.   

Check out Bo’bell’s latest collections and update your jewelry collections today.


Fusion fashion has always been one of the most sought after among fashion enthusiasts, whether its clothes or jewelry. Not only is it hip, but also very flexible in its terms and definitions. The jumbling up of multiple styles into one and creating a piece that mirrors each element in the right light is what fusion jewelry is really about.  

Keeping that in mind, we have amalgamated the elements from the feisty East and fiery West to create our new line of fusion jewelry called the “East Meets West” collection. Available now at our websites bobelljewel.com.

East Meets West: Jewelry A La Mode

East Meets West is inspired by the cultural amalgamation happening in the global village to blur the boundaries of difference. Joining 2 entirely different cultures of EAST, the bold and loud, with WEST, tender and elegant, to create beautiful pieces of soulful jewelry, the collection features some of our best ever pieces.

The entire collection of East Meets West has been further furcated into 3 categories :

  • Tribal Collection

Tribal collection is majorly inspired from the chunkiness and valiant nature of tribal accessories and mixed the tint of chic flavor within it to create quirky pieces. The collection entails use of tribal accessory signatures like coins, dholki beads and tribal symbol engraving technique.

  • Color Burst

The color burst collection, as the name suggests, features multiple colors bound to thin metal strands in the form of raw gemstones ranging from mochromatic to rainbow shades. The major attraction of the collection is blend of colors within one in a graceful way. 

  • Yoga Inspired
    Yoga Inspired The new yoga-inspired collection features the spiritual symbols of Eastern culture. Keeping functionality in mind, the collection has been designed to be strong, durable and not too shiny. Each piece has its own spiritual significance in Indian culture with a tint of western jewelry format.

So take your pick. We care about your personal style and have created these categories to help pick the piece that best suits your personal style. So keep it edgy and keep it style with the latest fashion jewelry, only at Bobelljewels.com.



Accessories are a way of expression. One right piece of jewelry can bring out so many more elements of your attire. But what’s important is to pick the right style for the right attire.

But dainty jewelry is something that can go with everything. There is always a piece of jewelry for every occasion and every mood. Their lightweight and minimalist design and appearance make them fit for everyday use as well. You don’t really have to worry about taking them off every night.

Here are some pieces of dainty jewelry you can pair with any attire :

1. Chain Gold Toned Coin Fusion Fashion Earrings

dainty jewelry

These graceful stud-dangle earrings can be shown off with a basic tee and jeans or your favourite kurti or even with an evening dress for dinner date. The twisted bar studs attached to a delicate chain and tiny coins make for a perfect accessory to add a little flavor to your everyday life. They’re rust resistant and thus durable even in rainy and humid season.

2. Shining CZ Diamond Versatile Fusion Sterling Silver Hoop

sleek earrings

These gorgeous silver hoops make for a perfect office accessory to pair with your formal wear. But that doesn’t mean they look anything less than a pure treat with your ethnic wear or even regular top. These sleek earrings are a perfect example of fusion fashion in jewelry. Their shine is long lasting and they’re bound to be your go-to accessory to add the perfect amount of shine to your not so sunny days.

3. Half Moon CZ Diamond Eye Silver Ring


A beautiful mix of everyday jewelry with elegance results into pieces like this. This ring can be worn as a regular ring or a midi ring or be stacked with other minimal rings to give just the amount of blink needed for an effortless look. The slender moon studded with tiny stones perfectly placed on a twisted finger band makes it ideal for those cocktail events as well.   

4. Tiny Cute Cloudy Sterling Silver Tops

tiny clouds

From office wear to the basic tee to beachwear and everything in between, these little tops are good to go with them all. Made from alloy they’re rust resistant. So you don’t have to worry about taking them off for the shower or while walking in rain. These tiny clouds are strong enough to handle a lot of moisture.

5. Star & Moon Pretty CZ Diamond Stylish Necklace

minimal pendant

This minimal pendant with delicate silver chain is what you need to flaunt that collarbone. You can pair it with your regular top or add it to your ethnic attire. The strong built of the crescent moon along with the studded star right above it makes it as pretty as it is minimal. It is bound to be your favorite neck piece to splash some shine in your regular day.

Minimal accessories are the best way to create an effortless look. But if you want to add some twist to your attire, check out our ‘East meets West’ Collection unveiling soon at the Seattle Gift Show [Aug 17-20th, Washington DC]. Come to join us at the launching and have a look at our exhibit featuring our bestsellers and avail unbelievable offers.